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We build, deploy, iterate and support bespoke software for growth-driven businesses 

We deliver bespoke software solutions for your growing business that innovate using cutting edge technologies and cloud software at competitive and flexible rates.



About Us

We are a leading bespoke software development company in the UK, backed by multiple industry awards. We design and build custom-made web, mobile and cloud software solutions that help businesses like yours grow.​

With over a decade of success, we understand how software works across a multitude of industries. We understand that platform growth and development capacity is a pain point for many clients. Our multidisciplinary teams, comprising of tech-enthusiasts with elite and varied development expertise, are geared towards building scalable products that service growth-focused businesses.


200+ software developers

Competitive rates

Flexible subscriptions

Web, mobile, cloud

5+ delivery centres

Decade of success

We offer end-to-end bespoke development, uniquely tailored to your industry and growing business.

Our Story

We are a bespoke software company that, like any great tech startup, was founded in a garage. SovTech has now grown to more than 200 of the best software engineering experts, building world-class platforms for growing businesses across five cities on three continents

Our Mission

We design, build, deploy and maintain innovative custom software that gives our clients the opportunity to start, run and grow world-class businesses


We believe great software is the perfect combination of artistry, engineering and people


Global Delivery

With our digital footprint and offices in the UK, and our closely linked global offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi and Dubai, we have a 200-strong expert development team, enabling us to offer world-class software development for your growing business. ​

Our extensive experience in software development means that we can guarantee the standards and continuity of the software we provide for your business. No matter where you and your business are in the world.


Our Bespoke Services

Custom software development

High-performance, resilient and scalable software solutions for your business. Built iteratively, using modern programming languages, proven tools and partners.

Mobile and web app development

Bespoke mobile and web application development with a focus on the user, user experience and functionality, design and built for your scaling user base.

Professional team augmentation

Embed and integrate a new, hand-crafted team into your development process or augment an existing team with highly-specialised, vetted engineers.

Software outsourcing

Dedicated and managed development teams act as a digital extension of your business. Increase your capacity to propel your business growth.

Software support

Legacy software needs continuous support. Maintain and improve existing software to ensure optimal functionality and user experience.

Start a project

Got an exciting new project idea for your growing business? Need a bespoke solution to your software problem? Contact us and let us help.

Our Company Values


We are partners to our customers. We don’t expect to exist and realise we only do because of our clients.


We get things done. We don’t value how something is done only that it is.


We are proud to be a world-class, global company.


We don't apologise for holding strong opinions and doing something about them.


We don’t value perfection over moving fast.


We work with people we like. We don’t hire assholes even if they can do the job the best.


Just like your seat, these Spex will change. We think if we are not willing to change then we will die.


We value growth. We don't value effort over achievement.


We believe that tech can solve everything and change the world.

Our Team

Our world-class expert team of developers, designers, product managers and software architects are experienced in working together to create beautiful, functional software.

We invest in people who can see the future and who work hard to achieve it. We live by a set of values at SovTech. Our values define who we are and the way we work. They guide us in making a positive impact on our clients, our team members, our business partners and the communities in which we operate.

Our Global Offices



(+44) 1256 274643,
8 Hermitage St, Paddington, W2 1BE



(+27) 010 865 0161
Hillcrest Avenue, Blairgowrie, 2194



The H Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai


Cape Town

(+27) 021 205 2877
Roeland Square,
Gardens, 8001



The Mirage Towers, Nairobi, 0800, Kenya

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