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Design and develop an industry leading product. We are experts at product design.

Whether it’s a small app within your walls or a public platform for millions of customers, our product design teams can help you design your product and prepare for scale. We build simple products for complex industries by challenging assumptions with a user-centric lens. We help clients translate complicated requirements into easy-to-use digital products to deliver an experience that helps customers solve problems—ultimately driving business value.

Here are the ways we can help with your product design

Through our hybrid research and interview processes, we’ll ensure we are designing the right product for your users. We help you formulate a product design strategy and active roadmap that can deal with the challenges of shifting priorities as your product rolls out to market.

We have a lot of experience working with in-house teams, collaborating with developers or supporting designers. We love working with people passionate about their industry. 

We start with an intimate understanding of your market—and your users. This helps us work with you to define the problems your product needs to solve, and the best ways to do it. We’ll help you shift from a feature-first mindset to a holistic product mindset, bringing in prioritisation techniques to assist with deciding what comes first.

Not all technical platforms are created equal. After learning about your project, we’ll perform a product audit to make sure a vendor fits your long-term vision before you sign anything. We'll assess based on global best-practices, giving you an honest opinion on how we would approach your platform.

Over the course of the product design process, typically 1-3 months, our combined teams will:

01 Create a prioritized product roadmap

02 Conduct a customized research process

03 Perform design work sprints

04 Perform usability testing with your prototype

05 Onboard engineering teams to begin building your product

Product Design Projects

Client Cloud

Bringing together the best of digital for financial advisors

We helped Client Cloud design a turnkey platform to improve the online experience for financial advisors. Working with Client Cloud, we designed and tested prototypes that helped identify pain points in the financial advisory space. Together, we shaped the new standard for financial advisors in South Africa, bringing together Zoom calls and Digital signatures—with a product that can scale globally.


Building out a vision of entrepreneurial education

Naspers Labs wanted to build a mobile app that would significantly change the entrepreneurial education ecosystem. Through a series of design sprints, we designed a modern mobile app focused on micro-courses around business education. We created a flexible design system that will be reused across multiple products within the organisation, bringing consistency and clarity to Naspers Labs products.


Building out a vision of entrepreneurial education

Baotree wanted to launch a multi-user multi-app platform aiming at connecting communities to impact strategies. Starting with idea and all the way through to deployment in market, together we conceptualised the "Uber for conservation" that allowed communities to earn points through conservation tasks. As campaigns draw to a close, communities reap the benefits of conservation-focussed rewards, driven in turn by global sponsorships.

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