Mobile App Development.

We are experts at custom app development. We build mobile applications for any industry. 

Mobile App Development.


Mobile App Development. Let Us Service Your Business.

At SovTech, we develop custom iOS & Android mobile applications for any business, in any industry. Our bespoke applications give our clients the opportunity to start, run and grow world-class businesses.

Writing thousands of lines of unique code over the past 9 years has allowed us to become a global leader in custom mobile app development. Our team comprises of expert app developers and designers, that can develop the most complex mobile apps with confidence and ease.

In addition, mobile apps are developed for mobile devices to engage customers, streamline internal business processes and digitize companies , in a way that drives higher ROI and exponential growth of your business. 

Our Services


App Design & Prototyping

SovTech has a dedicated design team that creates a beautiful UI and UX flow before your development begins. We ensure that the apps we develop will please both users and you, our clients. We use proven internal processes, such as regular feedback sessions. This ensures that we keep our clients' business goals in mind, and use our extensive commercial experience to offer additional value in business consultations.


Mobile App Testing

SovTech has a team of QA (quality assurance) testers to ensure the app functions correctly with no bugs.


Mobile App Development

SovTech's team of experienced software engineers bring the design to life using the latest technologies in the market. In custom mobile app development, we have seen what kind of impact a well-designed mobile app can have on the company’s digital pathway. We want to change the way users interact with technology and align our findings to your business objective.


Mobile App Maintenance

SovTech's app advance team offers hosting and maintenance for as long as the client would like. We aim for a digital strategy that will continue to guide your product post-launch. The after is just as important as the process, and we want our clients to rest assured that we’re there from beginning to the end. We offer hosting and maintenance for our clients to ensure their app runs smoothly.


Mobile App Deployment

SovTech has direct routes to market. We release your mobile app into app stores to ensure ease of deployment.


Scale Your Mobile App

SovTech has dedicated development teams to keep businesses growing without having to invest in your own employees.

Best Practices: Mobile App Development

Blueprint Mockups

We pay attention to detail when it comes to the development of any project, where we consider and analyse everything we think is important. Therefore, this ensures that we get things done on time and within budget.

We value optimised images while creating apps for internet users. Specifically sized images enhance the user experience. The UI elements should be easy for the user to tap on and menus should have options that are easy to find for the convenience of the user.

For both Android and iOS devices, numerous screen sizes are available. Our apps are compatible with the designated screen size, resolutions, and forms.

With offline mode, users are able to use a version of the application. We understand that access to internet is not always available and we act on that.

High-performing mobile apps are of utmost importance to SovTech. We maintain your application so that the user experience is always considered and never compromised.

Our App Development Technologies & Tech Stack

IOS Apps
Android Apps
Progressive Web Apps
App UI/UX Design
Hybrid App Development
Native App Development

Human Centred Design Thinking

Product Strategy

Our product design team research and analyze your specific market, develop prototypes, and continue to iterate. Once the research phase is complete, the team builds wireframes and prototypes to transition designs into feasible, visual concepts.

Ideation Process

We are experts in developing modern, intuitive mobile apps, and using our winning MVP strategy, we will help you research and design your app. Ensuring it’s tailored to your target audience and optimized for their needs.

Our App Development Process

App Concept

Every custom mobile app development project begins with an in depth 22 step sales process. Our Solution Architect and Sales Manager will discuss your project requirements, determine your project scale and decide on a plan of action.

Solution Architecture

A Solution Architect will build a Miro Board which outlines the plan of your mobile application. They will consider cost, encryption requirements, cloud software and integration with your current systems.

Design Protoyping

Our design team will put together a thought out blueprint of your mobile app. Using UI/UX design, you will be able to visualise your entire application before it goes into development. The design team will work with you to ingrain your aesthetic vision into your mobile app.

Agile Development

Using Agile Development methodologies, your mobile app is built over multiple iterations. The app development process integrates your suggestions, recommendations and feedback. Your app is developed with both speed and flexibility.

Quality Assurance Testing

Our QA team rigorously tests your mobile app. They ensure your product is free from bugs and that your users will be thrilled by the final app.


With our knowledge of the most direct routes to market, SovTech will deploy your mobile app straight into the App Store & Play Store.

Software Maintenance

SovTech is staying ahead of the pack by using cutting-edge technology and cloud software services to maintain and support your software. Software needs continuous development and improvements. Our support & maintenance allows us to continuously improve your software every month.

Our Skills


SovTech’s specialized team of developers implement unique processes that allow us to take your product to market faster than anyone else.


We are experts in building apps that can expertly serve any industry. Our innovation starts at ideation right through to deployment.


SovTech’s design & development teams work in cyclical iterations to ensure your mobile app is built to perfection. Our flexible process allows for new feature integrations at any point of the build.


SovTech’s team of engineers have years of experience working with the latest development technologies. Our engineers will excellently craft your custom piece of software.

Industries We Serve

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FinTech / Financial Services 
Legal Tech
Education Tech
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Mobile App Development With SovTech

Agile App Development

Agile app development is a methodology for developing software that focuses on building functional, working products. The framework operates in cyclical iterations, meaning the build allows for requirements and solutions to evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.
Skilled project managers allow for constant inspection from the client and encourage development adaptation. This methodology encourages self-organization, teamwork, and accountability to allow for rapid delivery of the highest quality mobile applications. This philosophy aligns client needs and company goals with the development process, to ensure a human-centered and optimized application.

App Design

Our approach calls for designers to go beyond simple product design. Instead, they’re able to improve a mobile application design with each iteration, solve important problems and enhance user experience. An iterative process allows us to identify possible problems and respond to them very quickly.


iOS App Developers

Our passionate team of developers and engineers are on a quest to develop innovative, never-before-seen, industry-disrupting iOS mobile apps. SovTech’s goal is to develop iOS apps that change the way businesses work, the way people connect, and the way processes are streamlined. These apps are developed specifically for use on Apple’s iOS-powered devices. iOS mobile apps are designed to operate on Apple’s mobile operating system, which means they can be used on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

Android App Developers in Franschhoek

SovTech builds our Android mobile apps from scratch. We believe in the conjunction of traditional and modern tech when building fully functional pieces of software. Whether it’s face recognition, QR Code scanning, or AI, SovTech’s Android apps will solve the problems your business is facing. Android applications run on Android operating systems, such as smartphones, Android TV, Android Auto, and any other iterations of Android. We write your android software in the following coding languages: Kotlin, Java, and C++.

App Development For Your Business

App Development For Your Business

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps need to be extremely efficient. Owing to the sheer size and the need to support business processes in large companies, these mobile apps need to be innovative, well-designed, and secure. SovTech ensures that your custom mobile app is authentic and solves complex business problems. We commit to business consultations, architecture design, a thorough quality assurance process, and maintenance. Our mobile apps help Blue chip clients from all over the world achieve their business goals.

Consumer Apps

We rapidly create mobile apps for funded start-ups. Whether you are looking to launch your mobile app as a product or to add a new digital channel to your existing customer experience, SovTech is your trusted industry expert. SovTech will help to design and build your mobile app MVP, additionally, we will support you with ongoing development and innovation.

Previous Mobile App Developments

Our Customers Say

Some testimonials from some of SovTech's past and existing customers.

Over 400+ Clients Trust SovTech

SovTech has a vested interest in each and every mobile app development project. SovTech provides support to each project for as long as the client requires.

What We Will Do For Your Business

SovTech will walk the custom mobile app development journey with you. We pride ourselves on our expertise in developing applications for any industry. Thus we will become your expert partner in solving complex problems.

  • Streamline internal processes
  • Digitise aspects of your business or your business as a whole
  • Build eCommerce apps
  • Rebuild and rescue existing mobile apps
  • Automate manual systems
  • Connect employees with software

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