JavaScript App Development. 

JavaScript App Development. 

SovTech designs, builds, deploys & maintains World-Class Mobile Apps, FASTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. We are experts in JavaScript App Development.



JavaScript App

A JavaScript App Development Company with 10 years of custom software development experience, SovTech is your trusted app development partner in creating powerful, reliable, and scalable mobile app solutions with JavaScript frameworks. Our software developers deliver high-grade JavaScript app development services covering a multitude of business needs and requests.


JavaScript App

At SovTech, we build JavaScript mobile apps from scratch. We believe in the conjunction of traditional and modern tech when building fully functional pieces of software. As a top-class JavaScript mobile app development company, we create a variety of app solutions that are functional, customisable and scalable.

Our JavaScript App Development Services


Requirements Gathering

Mobile applications come with their own set of user-base and customer expectations. Our Solution Analysts will gather requirements and help you to align your ideas with those expectations.


UI/UX Design

Our team of app designers hold expertise in creating memorable experiences across all mobile app devices and versions. We recognise the value of a user-friendly interface and thus ensure we create a visually appealing interface that provides a great user experience.


JavaScript App Development

Our mobile app developers carry expertise in building robust, scalable application solutions. We create custom software for a range of industries across the globe. We help you build a solution that is unique to your business and that will be high-performing and effective to help you stay ahead of competition.


JavaScript Software Testing

Our app development process is built with security and performance in mind. Our SovTech QA (quality assurance) testers will ensure that your app functions correctly and is completely bug and error-free.


App Deployment

SovTech has direct routes to market. We release your mobile app directly into app stores to ensure ease of deployment.


Mobile App Maintenance

Our app advance team offers hosting and app maintenance for as long as our client's would like. We have dedicated development teams that keep our clients growing without having to invest in their own employees.

Why We Choose JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language. Our developers use JavaScript to create cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows that load content quickly and support a range of display sizes and screen resolutions. 

  • JavaScript tends to be very fast because it is often run immediately within the client’s browser. So long as it doesn’t require outside resources, JavaScript isn’t slowed down by calls to a backend server. Also, major browsers all support JIT (just in time) compilation for JavaScript, meaning that there’s no need to compile the code before running it.

JavaScript’s syntax was inspired by Java’s and is relatively easy to learn compared to other popular languages like C++.

JavaScript is everywhere on the web, and with the advent of Node.js, is increasingly used on the backend. There are countless resources to learn JavaScript. Both StackOverflow and GitHub show an increasing amount of projects that use JavaScript, and the traction it’s gained in recent years is only expected to increase.

JavaScript is client-side, so it reduces the demand on servers overall, and simple applications may not need a server at all.

JavaScript can be used to create features like drag and drop and components such as sliders, all of which greatly enhance the user interface and experience of a site.

There are many ways to use JavaScript through Node.js servers. If you were to bootstrap Node.js with Express, use a document database like MongoDB, and use JavaScript on the frontend for clients, it is possible to develop an entire JavaScript app from front to back using only JavaScript.

Why Choose SovTech?

At SovTech, we’ve built a solid reputation as the most sought-after destination for JavaScript app development. We have a team of skilled developers and designers working on various mobile app developments. We have extensive expertise and experience with a variety of tools and technologies, allowing us to create one-of-a-kind, high-performance mobile apps that stand out in the market. As a result, if you choose to work with our app development company, you can be confident that you will receive world-class results that set you apart from competitors.

Some Of Our Expertly Built Mobile Apps

JavaScript App Development For Any Business


Small businesses require scalable solutions in order to expand their market. We provide excellent mobile app solutions to our clients for the ultimate scalability of their SMEs and bootstrapped startups. We rapidly create mobile apps with JavaScript for funded start-ups. Whether you are looking to launch your mobile app as a product or to add a new digital channel to your existing customer experience, SovTech is your trusted industry expert and app development company.

Enterprise Businesses

We create high-quality mobile apps to match your company's needs. We understand your requirements, allowing us to further strengthen your business. SovTech ensures that your custom app is authentic and solves complex business problems. We commit to business consultations, architecture design, a thorough quality assurance process, and maintenance. Our mobile apps help Blue chip clients from all over the world to achieve their business goals.

Industries We Are Experts In





Legal Tech

JavaScript App Development for Marketplaces

One of our specialties is the creation of markets. Our experienced JavaScript app development team has assisted a number of firms in designing and launching sophisticated needs that have helped them attract customers and generate considerable profits.

JavaScript App Development for Learning / Education

As an award-winning software development company, we produce excellent mobile apps for educators and learners. We are expanding the education sector and making it more accessible to all.

App Development For The Healthcare Industry

We use best practices in the field of health technology to create innovative mobile applications that gives significant value to medical care professionals and their patients.

FinTech JavaScript App Development

We create cutting-edge, secure mobile apps with JavaScript to help our clients provide the most efficient and professional financial services imaginable.

Hospitality & Travel App Development

With specialised booking systems, reservation platforms, and other traveling mobile applications, we modernise the hotel industry with cutting-edge technology.

E-commerce App Development

As a leading e-commerce application development company, we first understand your needs and then create realistic e-commerce mobile apps that help you achieve your business objectives. Our JavaScript developers make it simple for you to reach global and local audiences.

Outcomes For Your Business



SovTech is a leading JavaScript app development company providing solutions that are well-suited to your specific needs. Our services allow you to broaden your reach and improve customer experience. 

Our JavaScript app developers create world-class mobile applications by utilising the most up-to-date technologies and knowledge.


Scalable Products

When it comes to mobile app development, leaving opportunities for improvement is crucial.

Even if your product is flawless, there may come the point when you need to add new features to fulfill the demands of your users and keep up with the latest trends.

The JavaScript app development services provided by SovTech assist you in developing products that are simple to scale and manage.


Visually Distinctive

There are almost 3 million apps in the App Store, and that number is only growing. In such a competitive setting, standing out and gaining attention might be difficult. There is no better way to capture the attention of a crowded audience than with a vibrant and engaging user-interface. 

Our UI/UX designers are leaders in the industry and ensure the best user-interface design for your app to stay ahead of the competition.

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Why Choose Our JavaScript App Developers?

 Thanks to our team of 200 + highly skilled developers and designers, we are able to provide excellent service and produce practical and versatile mobile applications. Our dedication, commitment, meticulous attention to detail, and skill have won us a reputation as one of Africa’s leading JavaScript App Development companies.

Dedicated Employees

Our team of JavaScript Mobile App Developers are full-time employees, available for hire on a project basis. Our mobile app development company offers an in-house team of developers with a comprehensive tech stack who can bring any of your ideas to life.

Full Stack Development

Our developers have expertise in both front-end and back-end development. We blend creativity and technology to create dynamic mobile applications that provide end-users a unique experience.

Faster Delivery

By leveraging off our development teams, we get products to market faster. Your Time to Market will be shortened by SovTech professionals, giving you a significant competitive advantage.

Flexible, Adaptable & Cost-Effective

Our JavaScript developers place a high priority on time, which allows us to adapt or upgrade your requirements quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We are adaptable by nature and ensure to meet various customer needs while adhering to the tightest deadlines.

Innovative Approaches

Our development teams are constantly thinking beyond the box. We offer a unique blend of deep expertise and innovative thinking to minimize challenges and deliver world-class mobile applications.

Dedicated To Excellence

Our app development teams take each project seriously, no matter how big or small. We deliver high-quality mobile apps that meet all industry standards. Our designers and developers reach their full potential thanks to external and internal input, as well as weekly project review meetings.

Hear It From Our Clients

What We Will Do For Your Business

SovTech will walk the custom mobile app development journey with you. We pride ourselves on our expertise in developing applications for any industry. Thus we will become your expert partner in solving complex problems.

  • Streamline internal processes
  • Digitise aspects of your business or your business as a whole
  • Build eCommerce apps
  • Rebuild and rescue existing mobile apps
  • Automate manual systems
  • Connect employees with software
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