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SovTech designs, builds, deploys and maintains world-class mobile apps for IOS and Android,  faster than anyone else! We are experts in Medical App Development in Exeter. 



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SovTech is an award-winning App Development and Custom Software Development company that develops custom iOS and Android mobile applications. We build user-friendly mobile apps that get noticed. Our 10 years of engineering experience, along with over 150 tech professionals, has won us the reputation as experts in Medical App Development in Exeter. We develop mobile apps that have helped our Medical clients to start, run and grow world-class businesses. Let us do the same for your Medical Business! 

Why Should You Digitise Your Medical Business?

The era of digital transformation has already come to an end. We’re no longer at a transitional stage. We have reached the point where most businesses are already digitised. Business owners have realised that by introducing technology into their processes, they can easily reach the right target audience, market their products faster, and offer a significantly improved user experience. Digitisation is integrated into every aspect of businesses and provokes positive fundamental changes in how companies operate, and how they deliver value to their customers. If you haven’t already, now is the time to digitise and to grow your Medical business! 

Our Services

We Design Medical Apps

SovTech has a dedicated design team that creates a beautiful UI and UX flow before your Medical App Development in Exeter begins.

Medical App Development in Exeter

Our expert software engineers are ready to build, code and develop your Medical mobile app using the latest technologies in the market.

Medical App Deployment

SovTech has direct routes to market. We release your Medical mobile app into app stores to ensure ease of deployment

Quality Assurance Testing

SovTech has a team of QA (quality assurance) testers to ensure your mobile app functions correctly with no bugs or errors.

App Maintenance

SovTech's app maintenance team offers hosting and maintenance for as long as you would like. We will continue to guide your product post-launch.

Scale Your Mobile App

SovTech has dedicated development teams to keep businesses growing without having to invest in your own employees.

Some Of Our Expertly Built Mobile Apps

Why Choose SovTech For Your Medical App Development in Exeter?


Global Experience

With 10 years of experience, SovTech is a global leader in Medical app development in Exeter.

We boast a brilliant team of expert software developers, designers, and engineers, and are proud of the awards we have to show for it. We also proudly have 5 global offices.


Passionate Team

At SovTech, we are proud of the work we do. We love all things software and mobile app development in Exeter, and believe that our genuine passion is clear in our work. We always strive for greatness and thus, spend time polishing every detail of your mobile app until it is flawless and inline with our standards of perfection.



We know that your application is a reflection of your business, and that your users should be at the forefront of the development process. We focus on your customer’s needs first, and this ensures that what we create works. This has warranted a 100% success rate with our clients.

Medical App Development in Exeter
For Any Business


Small businesses require scalable solutions in order to expand their market. We provide excellent Medical app development in Exeter to our clients for the ultimate scalability of their SMEs and bootstrapped startups. We rapidly create mobile apps for funded start-ups. Whether you are looking to launch your mobile app as a product or to add a new digital channel to your existing customer experience, SovTech is your trusted industry expert in Medical app development in Exeter.

Enterprise Businesses

We create high-quality mobile apps to match your company's needs. We understand your requirements, allowing us to further strengthen your business. SovTech ensures that your custom app is authentic and solves complex business problems. We commit to business consultations, architecture design, a thorough quality assurance process, and maintenance. Our mobile apps help Blue chip clients from all over the world to achieve their business goals.

Medical App Development in Exeter
Best Practices

We pay attention to detail when it comes to the development of any project, where we consider and analyse everything we think is important. Therefore, this ensures that we get things done on time and within budget.

We value optimised images while creating apps for internet users. Specifically sized images enhance the user experience. The UI elements should be easy for the user to tap on and menus should have options that are easy to find for the convenience of the user.

For both Android and iOS devices, numerous screen sizes are available. Our apps are compatible with the designated screen size, resolutions, and forms.

For both Android and iOS devices, numerous screen sizes are available. Our apps are compatible with the designated screen size, resolutions, and forms.

High-performing mobile apps are of utmost importance to SovTech. We maintain your application so that the user experience is always considered and never compromised.

Our Tech Stack

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Medical App Development in Exeter With SovTech

Exeter is a historic city in Devon, England. It is located on the River Exe, just above the head of the river’s estuary. A small city that packs a big punch, Exeter is known as one of the most vibrant, attractive, and historically interesting cities in England. Exeter was recently named as the South West’s prime tech hub after Tech Nation’s 2018 report found a 47% rise in tech jobs in the city.

What is the Medical Industry?

Companies in the medical supplies industry manufacture medical equipment and supplies, including surgical and medical instruments, dental equipment, ophthalmic goods, and surgical appliances. Major companies include Baxter International, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, and Stryker (all based in the US), as well as B Braun (Germany), EssilorLuxottica (France), Smith & Nephew (UK), and Terumo (Japan).

How Technology is Affecting the Medical Industry?

Nowadays, there is equipment to measure and monitor different chronic conditions, all while giving the patients' advice, recommendations, and alerts whenever a certain action needs to be taken. Such a role was previously entrusted to physicians, but now smart wearables and devices are taking over. With the number of medical equipment in the market today, one sometimes wonders if the healthcare system won't undergo complete restructure. However, it's not a matter of "if"; it's certainly only a matter of time until this happens.

Technology Trends Shaping The Medical Industry

Consumers want their medical equipment to travel with them with as much ease as possible. The popularity of wearable technology cannot be ignored—nor should it be. Fitness tech is now commonplace, and wearable medical equipment is becoming the same.

This portable tech is becoming popular not only in the field of preventative healthcare and fitness but in the medical equipment sector as well. For example, customers using portable oxygen concentrators expect their equipment to keep up with their lifestyle. Carrying POCs that are sleek, lightweight, and wearable allows patients to continue their day to day without literally or figuratively being tied down by their oxygen needs. By providing your patients with wearable POCs, you’re able to give them a better quality of life.

The number of patients shopping online or speaking with a call centre for medical equipment has increased greatly over the last couple of decades. The target demographic of people who need medical equipment might not be internet savvy themselves, but those caring for them are utilising the convenience of online and phone shopping to secure the equipment for the needs of their loved ones. In the past, medical equipment was sold exclusively through brick-and-mortar retail. While a physical location and face-to-face interaction is still very important, having an online store has become equally important.

Patients comparing prices, quality, and special features of their medical equipment want to do so from the comfort of their own homes. That’s why it’s so important for medical equipment companies to have a functional and user-friendly website and skilled call centre representatives for subsequent questions. It won’t be long before every generation is comfortable looking for medical equipment online. Making price checking and feature comparison easy will benefit companies that provide DME.

As the number of people needing medical equipment grows, so does the number of people who need financial aid services to obtain that equipment. Unfortunately, a lack of funds for necessary medical equipment is a common stressor for many who need such equipment to enjoy a high quality of life day after day.

That’s why one of the biggest trends in the medical equipment industry is the rise of consumer financing. Consumer financing firms like United Consumer Financial Services allow patients to get the equipment that they need when they need it. Many times, insurance may only cover some—or even none—of the cost. And often, an insurance policy will only cover replacement equipment every few years. This puts those who need medical equipment in a difficult situation.

However, companies like UCFS that offer consumer financing allow for patients to make easy, affordable, low monthly payments so they can have access to the life-changing equipment they need. Consumer financing also benefits medical equipment businesses because it allows them to serve more customers that might otherwise not make their purchase.

Consumer financing is truly a win-win for the patient and the equipment provider. Patients enjoy more freedom, better equipment, and less financial stress. At the same time, medical equipment companies can serve more patients and move more inventory because they offer simple, realistic financing options.

Agile Medical App Development in Exeter

Agile app development is a methodology for developing software that focuses on building functional, working products. The framework operates in cyclical iterations, meaning the build allows for requirements and solutions to evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. This methodology encourages development adaptation.

App Design

Our approach to design at SovTech calls for designers to go beyond simple product design. Instead, they’re able to improve a mobile application design with each iteration, solve important problems and enhance the user experience. An iterative process allows us to identify possible problems and respond to them very quickly.

iOS Medical App Development in Exeter

Our passionate team of developers and engineers are on a quest to develop innovative, never-before-seen, industry-disrupting iOS mobile apps. SovTech's goal is to develop iOS apps that change the way businesses work, the way people connect, and the way processes are streamlined. These apps are developed specifically for use on Apple’s iOS-powered devices. iOS mobile apps are designed to operate on Apple’s mobile operating system, which means they can be used on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

Android App Development

At SovTech, we build Android mobile apps from scratch. We believe in the conjunction of traditional and modern tech when building fully functional pieces of software. Whether it's face recognition, QR Code scanning, or AI, SovTech’s Android apps will solve any problem your business is facing. Android applications run on Android operating systems, such as smartphones, Android TV, Android Auto, and any other iterations of Android. We write your android software in the following coding languages: Kotlin, Java, and C++.

What We Will Do For Your Business

SovTech will be your expert partner in building your custom Medical app development in Exeter. We pride ourselves on our expertise in developing applications for any industry. We are here to become your expert partner in solving complex problems.

  • Streamline internal processes.
  • Digitise aspects of your business, or your business as a whole.
  • Build your custom software development.
  • Rebuild and rescue your existing developments.
  • Automate manual systems.
  • Maintain and scale your software.
  • Connect employees with software.
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