What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is defined as human intelligence exhibited by machines and includes methods such as Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Robotics and Natural Language Processing. Developments in computer processing speed, databases and storage, as well as algorithms and expertise have enhanced the capacity of machines to perceive, understand, learn, problem solve and reason. For these reasons, forward-thinking businesses, big and small, apply the benefits of AI technologies as integral functions of their business operations.

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Boost Customer Service

Improve engagement and retention with an increased speed and quality of customer service through the use of AI chatbots, retargeting and voice-activated systems.

Determine Market Fit

Find your ideal customer faster and develop products to suit your market through facets like natural language processing, audience segmentation and machine learning.

Scale Your Business

Easily scale your business and increase productivity by automating thousands of interactions, capturing and translating data and analytics in a cost-effective manner.

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