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We have an array of capabilities but to get that creative brain going, here are a few.


Blockchain Development

The possibilities of blockchain are endless and it’s growing implementation across global economies has seen a significant change and progression in business processes, as well as consumer culture.


Enterprise Applications

A winning enterprise application can help improve your business operations drastically by increasing productivity and efficiencies, decreasing costs and streamlining processes.


Mobile & Web Applications

Mobile and web applications offer more value to your customs, reaching them where it matters most in a way that makes most impact. This additional presence helps build your brand further and boosts your ROI.


Cloud Platforms

With the use of cloud platforms, you can reduce the costs of largely inefficient business systems and equipment and replace them with an easily accessible centralised cloud platform making for more streamlined business operations.


Product Design

The process of software design helps define the overall structure and experience of your product, ensuring that the final application is one that will please the end user and optimize your objectives.


Cyber Security

Over the years cyber crimes have rapidly grown in numbers and sophistication, meaning specific focus on implementing cyber security is crucial for all business software. Improving or utilising cyber security also helps enhance customer loyalty and trust, helping businesses improve reputation in the market.

Previous Innovations

Here are a few screenshots of web apps we have developed.

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UBU is a crypt-currency wallet built on the blockchain. We built a mobile and a web app for them.



The easiest way to store, spend and send Bitcoin (BSV) safely on your mobile phone! See who accepts Bitcoin around you.

Blockchain Technology

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