How much does it
cost to build an app?

SovTech is a leading custom software development company, specialising in custom mobile apps and progressive web apps. 


Why choose SovTech for your bespoke app development?

SovTech is an award-winning software and mobile app development company. With over a decade of engineering experience, along with over 200 tech professionals, we are experts in building custom mobile applications for any business, in any industry.

Our multidisciplinary teams, comprising tech-enthusiasts with elite and varied development expertise, are geared towards building scalable products that service growth-focused businesses. We strive to deliver bespoke solutions that innovate using cutting edge technologies and cloud software at competitive and flexible rates.

How does SovTech build apps?


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Expert UX designers create seamless UI for your new applications or provide user-focused design updates for existing apps.



Engineering teams are dedicated to building, improving and iterating on your app to ensure a well-functioning piece of software.



Ensure your app is functioning at the highest level. QA testers ensure the app works correctly and there are no bugs.



Ensure an easy deployment. Let us deploy your application into app stores.



Scalable software calls for continuous support and feature improvements.

Cost of building an app

£38,000 – £65 000*


How much does it cost to build an app?

The truth is, that the cost varies based on the quality of the build. One can develop an app from as little as £38 000 all the way up to thousands of Pounds.  In addition, mobile apps are developed to help our clients engage customers, streamline internal business processes and digitise companies, in a way that drives higher ROI and exponential business growth.

While off-the-shelf software might be cheaper to set up, custom app development can be uniquely tailored to meet your specific business needs. Bespoke software is high-quality, built by a team of expert professionals, offering you better and more features than the limited features that are available with generic software.

Benefits of custom over off-the-shelf software​

Must have app features

Simple functionality

Users react very well to slick, easy-to use applications. Build an app that makes your user’s life easier.

Engaging UX

Apps need to be built with the end user in mind. Slick, user-centric design will keep them coming back from more.


Applications need to be developed to withstand multiple users at all times. Building an app that allows for user and feature growth allows your business to scale.

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Scalable infrastructure

Reporting and analytics

Solution architect

Cloud infrastructure

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