Key Focus Industries

Technology allows businesses in all industries to continuously increase operational output with the incremental increase in technology.


Financial Services

We have made some long lasting partnerships with FinTech companies as we believe there is huge potential in the area.


Engineering and Mining

A technically specific industry which is relying more and more on technology to increase their capabilities.



Working with companies in the media industry. Software has allowed media companies to increase their operational reach.


Retail and Manufacturing

Retail and manufacturing is a traditionally manual job. We've allowed technology do our jobs better and more efficiently.



Technology companies have entrusted us to handle their service offering. Good technology requires a good tech company.


Real Estate

An up and coming industry in the tech world making use of technologies to manage and sell properties more efficiently.

Industry specific examples

Some examples of the work we've done in specific industries.

Some words from our clients

Some of long standing clients have some testimonies to our work.

Over 15+ industries entrusted to SovTech

Our expertise span across these industries as we provide out of the box, innovative solutions to world-class companies who we have partnered with along the way.

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    Industry Solutions

    Here are some of the solutions we have provided for our clients.


    Project Ubu

    A crypto-currency wallet.



    A point of sale payment portal.

    How is AI Being Used in the FinTech Industry?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used all over the world across industries to improve business processes and innovate new products.

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