Hey there 👋

3 quick things ⏰

  • We don’t believe in long job posts.
  • We don’t believe it should take longer than 1 week to hire somebody, start to finish.
  • We work with people we like.

If you are here, you already know about our company. for team, go here.

This position 🤓

The world needs more Backend Engineers. This position is for all levels of backend engineers. Years don’t equate to skill, some of our best engineers are under 25. Our teams are small (5 max) and pack the punch of most 10 man teams (not joking). We automate stuff. We use AWS, so you should already have experience with serverless tech. You will work with our backend teams on projects with the following technologies:

Our Stack 🍔

We build almost everything on the Serverless framework with AWS behind the scenes. We love React on the front, web and mobile. You should love the idea of this. Also, single table design, DynamoDB, it’s a must.


  • GraphQL
  • AWS AppSync
  • AWS Cloudfront
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS Cognito
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS DynamoDB – single table
  • AWS S3 (hosting + Storage)
  • AWS S3
  • AWS SES (email + push)
  • Lots of other AWS Stuff


  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • Typescript
  • CSS-in-JS (Styled Components)
  • Tests first 😱

Other notable tech things ⚙️

Other notable non-tech things 🔫 

  • 10 o’clock Rock
  • Foosball, annual foosball tournament, Ministry of Foos, slack foos-bot
  • Annual full-company X-mas retreat
  • Dev chats
  • Friday talks
  • Hatch (Annual company-wide hackathon)
  • Our own currency (Stacos)

Our application and interview process 🏃‍♀️

We think we can give you an answer in a week, and usually without a test.

Remote vs On-site 🌍

We believe in teams. Teams work better in person. Our teams are often distributed but everybody has a home base. We call it a Guild. At present, you must be in Johannesburg, London, or Cape Town. How else do we have a beer on a Friday together? But yes you can also work from home when you want.

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