Maintain and Improve Procurement Software

Make use of SovTech's dedicated Procurement Product Advance Team. Maintenance teams with world-class development on-demand.

We Service Procurement Software

Our software experts research, design, plan and architect beautiful UI/UX blueprints for world-class applications.

We Improve Procurement Software

Quality assurance (QA) on your software releases into production via implementation, deploy-testing and reliability tools.

We Test Procurement Software

Leading software engineers ready to build, code and develop scalable frontend and backend systems for your apps.

We Run Procurement Software

Once your app has launched we host, manage, scale, support, optimize and continuously improve your platforms.

Why choose SovTech for your Procurement Software Project?


Product Analysis

A team of Business Analysts and Product Scientists take a deep dive into your problem to identify the best solutions.


Blueprint Design

Our experienced team of UI/UX designers will create a design blueprint completely mapping your project before development begins.


Agile Development

Responsive and on-demand project teams tailored specifically for each project with a project manager, QA tester and developers.

sovtech maintain

Keep up to date on our Digital Platform

Our SovTech Digital Platform is a data-driven solution to the management of your Procurement software maintenance team. A fully transparent productivity application that tracks and manages tasks, messages, commits feedback and code quality. SovTech uses agile frameworks along with the latest scrum methodologies.


From design to code to deployment, easily.

Hire a Procurement software maintenance team of your choosing. 100% client satisfaction along with integrity and transparency. With sprint velocity optimisation guaranteed through planning, design, code, test, deploy and run. We will change out any team member on request.

start up teams

Ready to get started with Procurement Software maintenance?

No matter where you are in the timeline of your Procurement web/mobile app, our product experts are happy to help you. Our expert Procurement software maintenance consultants discuss your plans & challenges, evaluate your existing web or mobile apps or even make some initial recommendations.

Choose your delivery model

We understand that every application, system and project is unique. Which is why we have 3 unique ways of engaging with our platform. Hire SovTech's Procurement software services through a dedicated team, fixed price product development or a monthly application advance plan.


Dedicated Dev Teams

Dedicated development teams tailored to your project.


Fixed Time & Price

Your software project delivered on time and on budget.


Product Advance Plans

Choose your package according to the size of the company.

Benefits of dedicated software development teams?

Benefits of dedicated software development teams?

Benefits of dedicated software development teams? What is a dedicated software development team? A dedicated software development team is a model that allows you to increase your business’s productivity without increasing your operational expenses. Scale your business vertically through increasing…

  • Mar 17
  • 2 mins read
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