Hire Agile Software Developers.

Hire on-site, motivated Software Developers. Our agile teams are experts at software development for any industry.

Hire Agile Software Developers

SovTech awards we have received: Top B2B Company; Business App of The Year; Top App Development Company

Expert Software Developers. Hire Our Agile Teams.

At SovTech, we develop custom software for any business, in any industry. Our bespoke developments give our clients the opportunity to start, run and grow world-class businesses.

We help our clients to develop faster than anyone else, by leveraging off SovTech’s powerful agile development teams, tailored to each clients short and long-term goals.  

Our carefully selected software developers boast experience across a number of leading global tech stacks and industries, ensuring we deliver a wide range of software requirements with ease and speed. Our teams can be used for guaranteed outcomes coupled with successful and rapid scalability. Our core specialty lies in building funded technology startups and greenfield innovation projects for blue-chip corporates. 

Why Dedicated Development Team?

Give your business the competitive advantage! Leverage our global technology expertise. Go to market faster, scale faster and generate 10x more revenue!


Product Roadmap

Upfront product roadmap. Iterate Design side before a single line of code is written


Dedicated Team

Handcrafted team that provides agility to outmanoeuvre your competitors


Save Time & Money

Zero recruitment effort and fees. No operational or office overheads


Automated Reports

Receive reports on your teams output. We focus on performance so you can focus on your business



When the team is an extension of your own business, you can scale with efficiency. Scalability is detailed to your demands

Dedicated Development Team Structure

A typical development team is structured as follows;


Software Developer

A skilled software developer to write, debug and execute the source code of a software application.


Product Owner

Responsible for operative tasks such as analyzing data, preparing reports, tracking metrics and documentation.



Responsible for continuous auditing and analyzing the development cycle against deliverables.


Business Analyst

Analyzes a business and documents its processes, assessing it model and integration with technology.


Scrum Master

A dedicated facilitator for your agile scrum team. They manage the process for how information is exchanged.



A skilled software engineer to manage and maintain infrastructure and microservices at scale.

Our Specialties

Mobile Applications
Reporting &
Solution Architecture
Cloud Infrastructure
Personal Contact
Landing Page

Our Team Skills


SovTech’s specialized team of developers implement unique processes that allow us to take your product to market faster than anyone else.


We are experts in building apps that can expertly serve any industry. Our innovation starts at ideation right through to deployment.


SovTech’s design & development teams work in cyclical iterations to ensure your mobile app is built to perfection. Our flexible process allows for new feature integrations at any point of the build.


SovTech’s team of engineers have years of experience working with the latest development technologies. Our engineers will excellently craft your custom piece of software.

Our Software Development Process

Requirements Gathering

Every custom development project begins with an in-depth requirements gathering phase. Here, we will discuss your project requirements, determine your project scale and decide on a plan of action.

Solution Architecture

A Solution Architect will build a Miro Board which outlines the plan of your web application. Here, we consider cost, encryption requirements, cloud software and integration with your current systems.

Design Protoyping

Our design team will put together a thought-out blueprint of your bespoke web app. Using UI/UX design, you will be able to visualise your entire application before it goes into development. The design team will work with you to ingrain your unique aesthetic vision into your web app.

Web Development

Using Agile Development methodologies, your web app is built over multiple iterations. The development process integrates your suggestions, recommendations and feedback. Your web app is developed with both speed and flexibility.

Quality Assurance Testing

Our QA team rigorously tests your web app. They ensure your product is free from bugs and that your users will be thrilled with your final product.


With our knowledge of the most direct routes to market, SovTech will handle every step of your new sites deployment to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Web App Maintenance

SovTech is staying ahead of the pack by using cutting-edge technology and cloud software services to maintain and support your web development in Sandton. Software needs continuous development and improvements. Our support & maintenance allows us to continuously improve your web app every month.

Our Software Developers Use This Tech Stack

We Speak These Languages

Industries We Serve

Our software developers serve any industry. 

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FinTech / Financial Services 
Legal Tech
Education Tech
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Software Developers For Any Business

We deliver bespoke software developments for companies at every stage of their growth, tailored to their specific needs.


VC Start-Up Team

We work with VC funded start-ups from across the globe. This team is typically comprised of 2 software engineers and a product owner. We value time-to-market and rapidly testing market assumptions. We help you drive feature development based off market insights and user interaction with your platform. Flexibility and agility is increasingly important in this space.


Enterprise Agile Team

We tackle corporate innovation projects for our blue-chip clients. Projects that make corporates 10x faster, 10x more efficient and 10x more revenue are the projects that excite us in this space. Our corporate innovation teams are build around 4-5 key software engineers, a business analyst, a product owner, a scrum master and a tester. The key outcome is to ensure your business is still at your industry's forefront in 50 years time.

Software Developers

What Is Agile Development?

Agile development is a methodology for developing software that focuses on building functional working products. The framework operates in cyclical iterations, meaning the build allows for requirements and solutions to evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. Skilled project managers allow for constant inspection from the client and encourage development adaptation. This methodology encourages self-organization, teamwork and accountability to allow for rapid delivery of the highest quality mobile applications. This philosophy aligns client needs and company goals with the development process, to ensure a human-centred and optimized software development. 

agile app development team in the SovTech office

Why Our Software Developers Choose Agile Development?

Agile methods can help teams manage work more efficiently to deliver the highest quality product. Agile teams can react better to the inevitable changes that come with most projects, reducing any risk in development. These teams are known to be highly efficient at getting work done, and because agile teams share a collaborative culture, efficiencies tend to have a ripple effect. A key advantage of agile methodology is that it is a scalable project management tool. Using agile project management helps companies pool resources and assign the right people to the right projects according to need or priority. Practicing agile fosters a culture of continuous improvement. 

Waterfall vs Agile Development

Waterfall is a Linear Sequential Lifecycle Model whereas The Agile Methodology is a continuous iteration of development and testing in the software development process. Agile allows changes in project development requirement whereas Waterfall has no scope of changing the requirements once the project development starts.  

SovTech app design team sketching an app design on a white board

Expert Software Across Industries

Hear It From Our Clients

Testimonials from some of SovTech's past and existing customers.

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They are an extension of your business

Value of Dedicated Development Teams?


Global Experience

Our carefully selected talent boasts experience across a number of leading global tech stacks and industries, ensuring we deliver a wide range of software requirements with ease and speed.


High Productivity

We adopt streamlined processes which yield highly efficient and dynamic development operations throughout the software development lifecycle.


Autonomous Teams

We provide easily adaptable, self-managing teams, giving you the opportunity to focus on your business objectives while we build seamless software that aligns with your unique business requirements.


We design, build, deploy and maintain innovative custom software that gives our clients the opportunity to start, run and grow world class businesses.​

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SovTech's HQ is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. Please see our Contact-Us page.

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