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SovTech is an award-winning custom software development company that offers end-to-end development of enterprise software, uniquely tailored to your industry. Our 10 years of engineering experience, along with over 150 tech professionals allows us to build you an expertly crafted bespoke software development. Hire our Software Developers, and let our expert development teams grow your business!

Why Hire Outsource Software Developers

Outsourcing your software development is a highly strategic business decision, and one that many of the biggest companies are starting to choose. The benefits of outsourcing are huge, and are applicable on all organisations, from smaller start-ups to massive enterprises. Driving down business costs, finding the right skillset, getting to market faster, and having more time to focus on other business goals are all reasons why more and more companies are choosing to hire outsourced development teams.

Why Hire Our Banking Software Developers?


Global Experience

With 10 years experience, SovTech are global leaders in software development. Our carefully selected Banking software developers boast experience across a number of leading global tech stacks and industries, ensuring we deliver a wide range of software requirements with ease and speed. 


High Productivity

Our Banking software developers in adopt streamlined processes which yield highly efficient and dynamic development operations throughout the software development lifecycle.


Autonomous Teams

We provide easily adaptable, self-managing development teams, giving you the opportunity to focus on your business objectives while we build seamless software that aligns with your unique business requirements. 

Give your Business the Competitive Advantage

Hire our Banking software developers in Liverpool. Leverage their expertise. Go to market faster, scale faster and generate 10x more revenue!


Product Roadmap

Upfront product roadmap. Iterate Design side before a single line of code is written


Dedicated Team

Handcrafted team that provides agility to outmanoeuvre your competitors


Save Time & Money

Zero recruitment effort and fees. No operational or office overheads


Automated Reports

Receive reports on your teams output. We focus on performance so you can focus on your business

Software Developers Team Structure

Software Developer

A skilled Banking software developer to write, debug and execute the source code of a software application.

Lead Engineer

Oversees software development and engineering to ensure a world-class standard of excellence.

Quality Assurance

Responsible for continuous auditing and analysing the software development cycle against deliverables.

Scrum Master

A dedicated facilitator for your agile scrum team. They manage the process for how information is exchanged.

Business Analyst

Analyses a business and documents its processes, assessing its model and integration with technology.

Product Owner

Responsible for operative tasks such as analysing data, preparing reports, tracking metrics and documentation.

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Our Expertise

Mobile App Development

Our software developers have the perfect blend of aesthetic and technical skills to deliver sophisticated and user-centric mobile apps. Our development teams provide bespoke mobile app development services for both iOS and Android platforms.

Web Application Development

We are experts in both web frontend and backend. Our software development teams design, build and maintain the server, database and technology that powers the components which enable the user-facing side of your website to exist.

Software Maintenance & Support

Software needs continuous development and improvements. Our support and maintenance allows us to continuously improve your software every month.

Solution Architecture

Our solution architects will gather requirements and follow a process that ensures the ground is set for tailoring your software solution to your specific business needs.

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Hire Our Expert Banking Software Developers in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough in Merseyside, England. Tech Nation has predicted that Liverpool will be a significant hub for tech growth, giving it a 79% rating for Tech Sector Growth Potential. The city is making a particular name for itself in experimental technology in the gaming and virtual reality worlds but is already an established base for fintech companies.

What is the Banking Industry?

The banking industry includes systems of financial institutions called banks that help people store and use their money. Banks offer clients the opportunity to open accounts for different purposes, like saving or investing their money. The banking industry is also valuable to the economy, as it provides resources for individuals, families and organisations to use for transactions and investments. One way that the banking industry does this is by organising and distributing loans for applicants that they can use for purposes like purchasing property, starting a business or financing a college education.

How Technology is Affecting the Banking Industry

The banking and financial industry has seen tremendous transformations in the technology landscape over the few decades. The customer’s expectation has moved towards Omnichannel platforms and the usage of gadgets and virtual assistants like Google Home, Alexa from Amazon, and Siri from Apple. The usage of wearables have increased significantly, aligned towards the latest technology.

Technology Trends Shaping The Banking Industry

Banks can migrate their existing applications (core banking/ risk management applications/ digital banking offerings) to a cloud environment as part of their IT road map.

Banks would achieve the following benefits as part of IT application migrating to a cloud environment:

  • Data security & data privacy play a key role, as banks have critical customer financial data and transactions as part of their service offerings to their clients. Cloud providers ensure that financial and non-financial data stored in the cloud environment are highly secured and tamper-proof in nature.
  • Meeting compliance regulation: Banks / FIs want to ensure customer data in the cloud are stored as per the central bank regulatory framework. Every cloud solution provider like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud will ensure that data is stored as per regulatory requirement in the cloud, taking into account the regulations of a country. For example, as per GDPR, there are separate cloud data centres maintained within Europe to store data in the cloud to meet the EU compliance & regulatory requirements.

Cloud banking is the future technology that banks & Finance Institutions would like to adopt. This is mainly because of the fact that banks want to reduce costs and offer better product & service offerings across the retail & corporate banking segments.

Faster-to-market with new product launches will be a key differentiating factor in the cloud banking space, with the help of API’s integration, which can be easily integrated with another ecosystem or fintech company in quick time. Enterprise level support will be the key differentiating factor in cloud banking, as data across the group level can be integrated and offered as services to its customer.

According to the IT road map, banks can decide the products and data, which need to be on cloud and premise and deploy the solution accordingly. Moreover, banks can decide the storage of data in public, private cloud or hybrid cloud as per the business decision.

This can further help banks meet the regulatory and compliance framework levied by the central bank / regulatory authorities. Like GDPR in European countries or CCPA regulation in California State, US, banks need to adhere to specific regulations and store data accordingly in the respective geo locations.

Bank & FIs would like to leverage technology and pay only for services offered by the product / software vendors. This will be the emerging trend in the coming days. Going forward, banks will reap the following benefits with BPaas.

  • Reduces software licence and product cost
  • Reduces cost of operation in maintenance of data centre
  • Pay for service offered by the product / software vendors, based on the transaction volume or user-based licences as per the agreements
  • Bank can go live to any geography with pre-configured products offered by the vendor to start with
  • Meeting regulatory and compliance standards, based on central bank regulations.

The banking and financial sector has been under tremendous pressure with financial data breaches / crimes in the course of many years. Cyber security plays a key role, as banks offer a majority of their services via Omnichannel platforms and transaction processing via different payment networks across the globe.

Banks expect to have an endpoint security solution to overcome data breaches over external networks / payment gateways. This will ensure that financial data is not tampered with malicious code / data breaches as part of transaction processing.

For commercial banks, there are innovative technologies developed on cyber security such as multi-factor authentication and virtual reality with the help of facial recognition. Apart from such measures, banks implement firewalls and anti-malware applications to prevent data breaches.

With the help of AI / ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning) technology solutions banks can perform security and system audits to identify suspected / fraudulent transactions. AI / ML will help banks to analyse the weakness area in the existing application and build more security.

Instant payment is the new emerging trend in the payment space for banks and FIs. This trend will help the customer to leverage technology and process the payment instantly without compromising on transaction security.

Banks and market participants will have a level playing field with more integration towards third party Fintech / Regtech companies to offer instant payment service and meet the regulatory standards of the central bank.

Our Software Developers are Full-Stack Development Experts

Full-stack software development is the development of both client-side and server-side of a software application. It combines both front-end and back-end development, producing the web face for users, as well as the server, database and technology that powers the components which enable the user-facing side of your app or web app to exist.

Our Software Developers Choose Agile Software Development

At SovTech, our developers use agile methodologies to produce software applications for clients. Agile development is centred round the idea of iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. Agile processes encourage frequent inspection and adaptation to allow for rapid delivery of the highest-quality software.

Our Tech Stack




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What We Will Do For Your Business

We will walk the custom software development journey with you. We pride ourselves on our expertise in developing software for any industry. Thus we will become your expert partner in solving complex problems.

  • Streamline internal processes
  • Digitise aspects of your business or your business as a whole
  • Build eCommerce apps
  • Rebuild and rescue existing mobile apps
  • Automate manual systems
  • Connect employees with software
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